Success Stories


When we saw  that one of our competitors was ranking #1 for a product that we had no idea was very popular we added content for that keyword and soon ranked ahead of them. We quickly went from ZERO units sold per year to 3 sold per DAY!

This single change added almost $10K per month in sales revenue. Plus we now have new customers coming in every day.


We had only a few Google reviews on our GoogleMyBusiness and got 3 pretty bad ones right in a row. Over the next few months our business declined 70%. Things were getting desperate. We tried advertising with coupons and special app offers, radio- even TV. Nothing worked.

Then the “Pulse Man” walked in to our restaurant and actually LISTENED to my husband and me. Their step by step process to get more reviews and immediately respond to reviews has saved our business. Literally.

Nanny Agency

We were having a difficult time finding new customers. The Pulse folks optimized our GoogleMyBusiness listing, cleaned up and corrected our existing listings plus added us to like 100 different directories.

When parents were researching nannies from out of town for when they would be in the Phoenix area we suddenly began getting a LOT MORE phone calls  and bookings.

Pulse did a competitive analysis on Nanny agencies from other cities and found a lot of keywords that were being searched for that we had zero ranking for.

Our sales have tripled. We couldn’t be more satisfied.

Roofing Contractor

Last year one of our competitors was bought by a large national company. Immediately they began to do HEAVY radio and tv advertising and we saw a very big drop in calls to our office. We decided to contact one of the radio stations and see what it would cost to match the advertising of the new guys. It was almost $15,000/month! Definitely out of our price range.

Although we had a website we never paid any attention to keywords or traffic. And I pretty much ignored all the telemarketers. Then one of the owners of Pulse actually came in to see me. What a relief! He explained about what they could do in easy to understand terms and I could tell he was listening to me.

Long story short, our website traffic went from less than 200 per month to 2800 per month and our sales are now DOUBLE what they were even before the new competitor. We are very happy.

Medical Practice

Our medical practice is fairly new, less than 2 years old. Acquiring new patients was a struggle for us to say the least. We tried doing some advertising but it never came close to paying for itself and seemed sketchy and I wasn’t proud of it.

We had a website built early on for thousands of dollars because everyone said we needed a website. Being a novice I really had no idea how to obtain more traffic. I had heard about keywords but was not knowledgable about just how important keywords were.

When we started with Pulse, I was skeptical. But their holistic approach made sense. The audit report showed definite weaknesses in our website. From there they gave us a road map that was very straight forward and we began to show search improvements almost immediately.

These people really know what they’re doing. I would highly recommend listening to them if you are looking for a cost effective way to grow your medical practice.

*One other note. If your GoogleMyBusiness is not optimized for getting reviews, you are missing out on serious opportunities.